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Opening Ceremonies
PS1: "Business as Usual" in the New Normal
Rosemarie Edillon

After seven (7) months since the COVID-19 pandemic forced an ECQ to most areas in the Philippines and despite government efforts to contain and address its impact, the Philippines officially slipped into an economic recession. Several indicators e.g. GDP, unemployment, and volume production index, showed a 20-35-year low for the country. Based on a recent report, 7.3 million Filipinos became jobless and this number is expected to grow as companies continue struggling to operate sustainably. With these overwhelming challenges, how will the PH Government revive the economy? What are its immediate recovery plans? What economic and social infrastructures do our leaders in the government see as the "new norm" for businesses beyond 2020?

  • Rosemarie Edillon (Undersecretary for National Development Policy & Planning at National Economic and Development Authority)

    Rosemarie Edillon

    Undersecretary for National Development Policy & Planning at National Economic and Development Authority
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CS1: Break-out Sessions
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PS2: This Thing Called "Digital Transformation"
Donald Patrick Lim

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we do things-- be it on personal or professional level. The impact it has caused to our businesses varies depending on how prepared and agile we were in responding to the signs of times.

It has been said that digital transformation is a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, to experiment, and to get comfortable with failure.

With this session, you will be able to know and understand what digital transformation really is--is it a fad or a standard? And what are the practical guides to journeying digitally?

  • Donald Patrick Lim (Chief Innovations Officer at Udenna Corporation)

    Donald Patrick Lim

    Chief Innovations Officer at Udenna Corporation
Wrap Up & Closing
[Virtual Meet-Up] Assurance in Real Time: All About Agility

In the last five years, and especially during the global pandemic, organizations have become more dynamic than ever before. Management has made decisions in hours instead of taking weeks or months, and these decisions have been implemented immediately instead of going through long, complicated and time consuming administrative processes. Accordingly, internal audit also needs to embrace the concept of agility and how it can be applied to internal audit along with building agile audit plans via continuous risk assessment in order to change, adapt and remain relevant to their stakeholders.

Announcements and Recap
PS3: The IIA Three Lines Model: Beyond Mere "Defense"
Lisa Hirtzinger

The IIA Three Lines of Defense framework underwent a review to optimize its adoption by organization best suited to their needs, complexity, size, and structure. Through this session, gaining a better understanding and appreciation of the revised model can draw the best service value from internal audit.

  • Lisa Hirtzinger (VP, Training & Development at IIA HQ Global)

    Lisa Hirtzinger

    VP, Training & Development at IIA HQ Global
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CS2: Break-out Sessions
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PS4: Redefining Talents for Internal Audit in the New Normal
Shiela AlarcioGilbert CamasuraPhil LeifermannCatherine Hufana-Ang

Panel Discussion: This panel discussion will give us an idea what are the emerging skills and talents that internal auditors must possess to thrive and strive in the new normal. To have a holistic view, insights from different key stakeholders of Internal Audit are invited to share their insights.

  • Shiela Alarcio (Head of Group Internal Audit at The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co.)

    Shiela Alarcio

    Head of Group Internal Audit at The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co.
  • Gilbert Camasura (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Take IT Forward Officer at HRTX, Inc.)

    Gilbert Camasura

    Chief Executive Officer and Chief Take IT Forward Officer at HRTX, Inc.
  • Phil Leifermann (Director of Wolters Kluwer TeamMate, Asia Pacific)

    Phil Leifermann

    Director of Wolters Kluwer TeamMate, Asia Pacific
  • Catherine Hufana-Ang (Executive Director and Chief Audit Executive of Ayala Corporation)

    Catherine Hufana-Ang

    Executive Director and Chief Audit Executive of Ayala Corporation
Wrap Up & Closing
Virtual Meet-Up
Announcements and Recap
PS5: Must Have in A Digitally Transformed Internal Audit Function
Amielle Ann RecenoLuis SaranglaoRobert LuuRyan Gilbert Chua

In the 2019 reports by PwC "State of the Internal Audit Profession" indicated that internal audit efforts, to be "digitally fit", is uninspiring. In Richard Chamber's blog (dated 4.15.2020 on IAONLINE), he lamented "the profession's low adoption rates of next-generation technology, reliance on weak approaches to identifying emerging and atypical risks, and minimal changes in decades-old audit processes." In this session, let's get an insight into whether this report remains true, what new challenges that the current pandemic forced internal audit organizations to face, and what emerging technologies can help internal audit functions become digitally transformed to effectively and efficiently deliver value to its stakeholders.

  • Amielle Ann Receno (Peoples Operations at Lalamove Philippines)

    Amielle Ann Receno

    Peoples Operations at Lalamove Philippines
  • Luis Saranglao (Head of Internal Audit at True Money Philippines, Inc.)

    Luis Saranglao

    Head of Internal Audit at True Money Philippines, Inc.
  • Robert Luu (Director for Solutions Strategy and Consumer Success in Asia Pacific & Japan of Galvanize)

    Robert Luu

    Director for Solutions Strategy and Consumer Success in Asia Pacific & Japan of Galvanize
  • Ryan Gilbert Chua (Partner, Consulting and Leader, Risk at Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co.))

    Ryan Gilbert Chua

    Partner, Consulting and Leader, Risk at Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co.)
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CS3: Breakout Sessions
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PS6: Future Fit: Dance to a Brand New Beat
Vincent "Chot" Reyes

What this pandemic is showing us is that, now, more than ever, we need #FUTUREFIT leaders. Men and women who act with unquestioned INTEGRITY in pursuit of INNOVATION. Leaders who have the cognitive flexibility or the AGILITY to thrive amidst change, while at the same time exhibiting the highest degree of PROFESSIONALISM in their quest to be at their best in these trying times. As such, it will take more than just activating the minds, bodies, and spirit of our people to be the best. We have to engage their hearts. In this VUCA world, we should find ways to inspire everyone in the organization to play all in, all heart.
1. HEALTH: the foundation that contributes to sharper mental acuity and higher
2. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: the skill more important than IQ or talent that enables
3. AGILITY: the drive to constantly rethink,reinvigorate,react,reinvent at speed, sustained by
4. RESILIENCE: the ability to achieve post-covid growth to #bounceforward that is scaled by
5. TEAMMANSHIP: the need to transform one’s thinking from ME to WE

*Subject to change

  • Vincent

    Vincent "Chot" Reyes

    Founder & President of CoachCom.Inc
Wrap Up & Closing
Virtual Meet-Up: State of Internal Audit in the Next Normal (Beyond Covid19)

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented disruptions globally. From alternative work conditions, increased adoption of digital sales channels, and digitization of processes (most, if not all) to cost-reduction measures are some of the immediate actions taken by businesses to survive the current economic crises. With the prolonged non-containment of the virus, the lack of available effective treatment or vaccine, the long-term impact on the Philippine economy of regulatory health-related restrictions, among others, internal audit is called upon, more than ever, to support its organization by providing the needed insights and service value. Given these uncertain and present conditions as the ”new normal”, how has internal audit functions adapted at the speed of risks? What do CAEs anticipate as the emerging risks?

Facilitated by the IIAP 2020 Technical Standards & Research Committee, this session hopes to elicit insights, reactions, inputs, and best practices among the participants on the discussion items questions. A transcript of this session shall be shared to the participants (registered only) in hopes of providing key takeaways learned or gained from this thought leadership discussion that will help internal auditors prepare for the next normal.