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With the ever increasing demands from both the internal (e.g., senior management, board of directors, etc.) and external stakeholders (e.g., regulators, customers, etc.), information technology (IT) auditors are asked to provide reasonable assurance on more complex domains of IT.

Business operating models are changing due to the pandemic pushing IT at the forefront adding labyrinthine emerging risks. With these risks, can the IT auditors simply rely that IT department will do good on their commitment or should IT auditors act as catalysts guiding the organization on how IT can be further managed and optimized?

Participants will have a better understanding of the more complex domains of IT and its importance to the organization. They will also learn the various controls expected in these domains and how IT auditors can perform reviews over these domains.

This training engages participants through group sharing.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction
  • IT Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Third Party / Vendor Management
  • Data Center
  • Privileged Access Management

Who Should Attend

Internal or Integrated Auditors (Operational and Performance) at all levels who have attended the IT Audit 101 are highly encouraged to attend this training. This will help them understand the next important domains in IT Audit.

IT personnel and business owners are also encouraged to attend this training to better understand how IT audits are performed and how to incorporate best practices in IT or the organization as a whole.


Ally Rannie Nicdao

Seasoned Internal and IT Audit Professional

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