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Technology is very dynamic; regulatory mandates are changing, user demands are evolving, newer malwares are frequently being released every 30 minutes and servers are breaking down. To ensure that technology is still serving its intended purpose, it must be subjected to periodic changes to either bring it up to its previous state or to an optimal version. However, while these changes are necessary, they must be controlled because unauthorized changes may have unnecessary implications to production servers, datasets, configurations, etc. With this, do you know what to do in performing a change management review? If you are a first time auditor, do you know the simpler, more pragmatic way of performing this technical review? Better yet, are you ready?

Participants will have a better understanding of the more complex domains of IT change management and its importance to the organization. They will also learn the various change management controls and how internal auditors can perform an exhaustive change management review.

This training engages participants through group sharing.

What You Will Learn

I. Introduction

II. What is change management

III. Business Significance: Risk and Opportunities

o General risk

o Patch-related risk

o Emerging risk

o End-user computing

o Third party and compliance risk

IV. Elements of Change Management

V. Continuous Evaluation

VI. Management's Controls

VII. Effective Change Management

VIII. Results of Effective Change Management Processes

IX. Roles of Internal Auditor

X. Course Summary

Who Should Attend

Internal or Integrated Auditors (Operational and Performance) at all levels are highly encouraged to attend this training. This will help them understand the next important domains in IT Audit.

Number of CPE Units : 7


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Ally Rannie Nicdao

Seasoned Internal and IT Audit Professional

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