Focus and Features

The training is targeted towards enhancing the business units' understanding of controls and the importance of business ownership of controls. As the audience are non-auditors, the training will be customized to familiarize the business units with controls by translating basic concepts in simple and understandable terms.

The training will be discussed in the context of the importance of total employee involvement and ownership of controls. The training will utilize a combination of instruction to discuss the controls concepts, facilitation thru group discussions and application via departmental breakout activity at the end of the course.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Controls and Risk

  • Definition of Controls and Risk
  • Importance of Risk Management and Business Ownership of Controls
  • Key Control Activities embedded in Business Processes

Holistic Perspective of Controls

  • COSO Framework from a Non-Auditor Perspective
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Concept & Trends

Business Ownership of Controls

  • Why this is important
  • Role of the Business in Driving Controls: Three Lines of Defense Model
  • Segregating Accountability: RACI Model
  • Embedding Controls in Business Processes: Controls Self-Assessment

Departmental Breakout Activity

  • Departmental Action Planning to drive controls ownership

Who Should Attend

The seminar is ideal for all auditors and non -auditors.


Virtual set-up/via Zoom

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